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Flamenco: Finding New Expressions

Fiery • Passionate • Innovative


Fernando Barros 

Fernando is on the leading edge of integrating the traditions of flamenco together with his unique understanding of its cadences and rhythms. His original compositions and singing style reflect the “melody” inherent in the poetry and prose of his countrymen.


Flamenco itself remains a quest for authenticity. Its early practitioners sought to embody the tenets of solidarity, fraternity and equality. In its purest form, flamenco is an expression of human emotions that are both intimately personal and universally shared.


Online and Tutorials

Vocal tutorials and online coaching under the direction of Fernando Barros, flamenco singer and composer. Learn breathing techniques, voice modulation, essential rhythms, and emotive qualities inherent to authentic flamenco performance.

Learning and Performance

Fernando Barros Lirola is on the leading edge of integrating the tradition of flamenco with his unique understanding of its cadences and rhythms, as well as the “melody” inherent in the poetry of his countrymen. His innovations include use of the voice as an instrument of positive expression, in combining traditional melodies with harmonies unique to the flavors and textures of the verses, and in engaging the audience in the meaning of expressive emotions.



Inspiring Improvisation and Innovation.

Flamenco itself remains a quest for authenticity, for the pure expression of those human emotions that are both intimately personal, and universally shared. And while authenticity may remain elusive, the search for it will continue to play a part in any effort to redeem one’s humanity from an inhuman society.


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The popular music of Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region, reflects the cultural melting pot that distinguishes its history. In the Middle Ages, the area saw the peaceful co-existence of the three great Semitic faiths. In later centuries, Andalusia’s gypsy population would develop a musical style which transmogrified the more regular, four-square rhythms of Castilian folk music into a deeply personal, expressively wrought musical genre widely known as Flamenco. In the early twentieth century, the legendary Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca collected examples of this popular musical and poetic tradition, several examples of which are featured in this morning’s music, as performed by master Flamenco cantaor Fernando Barros, who hails from Granada. Read more about Fernando and his brilliant educational initiatives at

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