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News Release

News Release by Fernando Barros Lirola on August 4, 2015 in Flemish Culture , Education News Release For Immediate Release Contact: Melissa Moore, Manager: 505.603.0743                                                                                                David Griffin, Communications Director: 505.410.2693 Fernando Barros Lirola, World Renowned flamenco singer                                    . Andalusia Flamenco Cultural Ambassador and Master Teacher relocates to...

Carlos Lomas, Flamenco guitarist.

His music is inspired by the years he lived in Malaga and Madrid, where he worked with the best singers, dancers and musicians from Spain, and with so consummate technical skill combined with an exciting musical temperament   Carlos Lomas  won the respect and admiration...

Dance Day 29 April 2015

The official message for Dance Day 29 April 2015 Sergei Diaghilev [caption id="attachment_16775" align="alignleft" width="386"] RIA Novosti[/caption] A century ago famous Russian ballet organizer Sergei Diaghilev revolutionized by inviting the Most Talented painters and musicians of His Time to Contribute to His performances. I have the impression That present day...


FLAMENCO AND POETRY: THE FLAMENCO ART IN THE VOICE OF CERVANTES Canto as read: the encounter with the classics . This second part, nucleated by Cervantes, is dedicated to classic writers and poets: Miguel de Cervantes, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Jorge Manrique, several Andalusian authors (Ibn...

Bolero Flamenco, Romance de Alhama

ROMANCE FOR LOSS OF ALHAMA   And walked the Moorish king - the city of Granada Elvira door from -. to that of Vivarrambla Oh my Alhama!Cards you were coming - that Alhama was won. The letters poured into the fire - and the messenger killed, Oh my Alhama! -Dismounted from...


ROMANCE Abenamar Romance border that have adapted to flamenco music. It is a composition that premiered to commemorate the Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada. The pace is tientos flamingos and aderezamos him with an instrumental sound of Andalusian music. ROMANCE Abenamar Abenamar, Abenamar, Moro Moors, the day you were...


FIELDS OF SORIA ANTONIO MACHADO It is the land of Soria arid and cold. (2) In the hills and mountains bald pradillos Green, ashen hills, Spring passes, among the fragrant herbs Leaving Her tiny white daisies. - The earth does not revive the dream field (2) At...


IF WE WANT TO ENTER THE FLAMENCO in teaching, how are we going to do?   How anachronistic or so disruptive? With the incorporation of all pedagogical and didactic principles? With the tools offered by new technologies and methods used for music conservatories in the most modern in the...


Department of Spanish & Portuguese, University New Mexico presents "Sephardic Cantigas": A Sephardic & Flamenco Concert 2/23/18 11 am

To understand the influence of Sephardic music in flamenco we begin with the musical contribution of the Jewish community to the territory of the kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula. Historians illuminate and provide clues to better understand this stage of musical history.
Since music has always had a fundamental connection with religious rites and because we have evidence of the existence of Jewish communities from the time of the Phoenicians (1000 BCE), we can say that a characteristic music was beginning to germinate with influences from the contemporary music that flourished and was played throughout the Iberian peninsula centuries ago.
The Jewish communities that were expelled from their lands for religious reasons by Ferdinand and Isabella, “The Catholic Kings,” kept their rites, their customs, their Spanish language and of course their music. It is important to recognize what can be truly be called a labor of love: the cultural custodianship the Sephardic people carried out. It remains alive and well and which, thanks to their perseverance, we can enjoy today.
Sephardic music contains elements of both Arabic and Christian music. It is Arabic in the rhythm and musical instruments, and it is Christian in the words in which this music was sung, the Spanish language.

Fernando Barros: Singer and composer; Carlos Lomas: Guitar & Oud; Davo Bryant: Percussion; Melissa Moore: Narration

Sephardic Spanish-Jewish influence in FLAMENCO

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