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IF WE WANT TO ENTER THE FLAMENCO in teaching, how are we going to do?   How anachronistic or so disruptive? With the incorporation of all pedagogical and didactic principles? With the tools offered by new technologies and methods used for music conservatories in the most modern in the...


FLAMENCO ART IN OUR VOICE OF POETS Introduction The flamenco is well-matched, how could it be otherwise, with the literary work, especially poetry. Harmony and rhythm are the essence of both, and then become his musicality and beauty. Through the symbiosis of music and poetry that achieves flamenco,...

Los ritmos del flamenco

For Jacques Dalcroze, dance is: The art of expressing emotions with the help of rhythmic body movements  TYPES OF RHYTHMSFLAMENCOS FANDANGOS TANGOS SOLEARES SEGUIRRILLA TANGILLOS Compass 3/4 Compass 2/4 compass 3/4 +6/8 compass 6/8 + 3/4 compass 3 / 4With 2/4    FREE RATE If the rate belongs to the very essence of music, as a decisive and constituent element...

Concert «old light Lights»

ANCIENT LIGHTS LIGHT Musical, poetic and visual spectacle commemorating the DELA MILLENNIUM FOUNDATION OF THE KINGDOM OF GRANADA. SCREENWRITER   This show attempts to commemorate the millennium of the founding of the Kingdom of Granada with a musical and poetic concert in which the most important dimensions of development...


"Border Romances " Among the cultural wealth and material history of Granada, equally as abundant as hidden, we find literary pieces of singularly high sentimental value. Their lyrical importance as a kind of popular romance from the XIVth century deserves more research and exploration. We...

Concert for the millennium

Fernando Barros Group Lirola + Libretto     Flamenco and Arab-Andalusian music. To explain the origin of the Arab-Andalusian or Andalusian music we must go back to the dawn of the Muslim era when the Visigoth Hispanic music combined with the Bedouin monodic singing; but since the ninth century, thanks...

Romance of the loss of Alhama.

Bolero Flamenco Fernando Barros Lirola. Composition of the romance of the loss of Alhama. Adapting to the rhythm of tango and melodic seduction imposed by romanceados verses....

Flamenco music

[caption id="attachment_16751" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The flamenco rhythms are tangos, fandangos, Solea, of seguirrilla without rhythm.[/caption] Flamenco music is a universal art The flamenco music is both an art and a science, which is embedded in the culture of the society to which it belongs and the hosts...


[caption id="attachment_16748" align="aligncenter" width="168"] Course at the University of Granada, Faculty of Education[/caption] AS THE FLAMENCO TAUGHT IN EDUCATION. The importance of flamenco in the evolution of Andalusian culture, it is not necessary to justify because it is present in the intricacies of multiple activities and manifestations...



Metamorphic Transformation

Observing metamorphic transformations in nature allows us to extrapolate that method to humans and the arts. That is to say, the foundational substance becomes a supporting substance retained in the new identity. These essential elements are absorbed, now invisible to the observer, while the transformed form creates a stunning awareness of the new.

Likewise, our compositions make use of a similar pattern of creative mutation, if you will. We begin with folk songs that poet Federico Garcia Lorca chose, rescued from oblivion, transcribed for the piano and performed in various venues. Following a trajectory of revealing hidden elements, we submit them to an unexpected metamorphic process. The melodic essences of the old songs are those that give musical meaning to different poems that Lorca wrote.

Additionally, in his short life, he created diverse artistic works, including poetry, music, and literature. He also created formidable works for the theater, while also embracing other mediums such as painting. His contemporaries and artistic collaborators included Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.

«Lorca in the Keys of Hands and Voice,” a concert conceived and presented by Adam Kent and Fernando Barros, is a musical innovation inspired by Lorca’s example. Lorca collected melodies from the Spanish folklore repertoire and transcribed them for the piano using two different concepts: 1) adapting the old melodies to various of his poem, as for example, ANDA JALEO to the poem «Preciosa y el Aire”; and 2) singing the old songs using the expressive, emotive characteristics inherent in flamenco music.

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