Collected Works Bookstore present:Poetry as Music

27 Abr Collected Works Bookstore present:Poetry as Music

Saturday, April 27, 2019 – 6:00pm

A Poetry Concert with The Metamorphics

Reflections: Six Chords of Connectivity 

The unlikely pairing of Canadian composer and singer, Leonard Cohen, with Spanish poet and dramatist, Federico Garcia Lorca, evokes quesions of how two highly individualistic compositional processes can at all be similar. Discover how the beauty in Cohen’s melodies become the foundational strructures that musically suport Lorca’s poetry, forming a new expression unexplored before in either cannon.  Composer and singer, Fernando Barros’ epiphany for creating this program came about while researching the profound influence Garcia Lorca and flamenco music had on the songwriter, Leonard Cohen. His metamorphic revelation consists of, not merely translating Cohen’s lyrics into Spanish, but readily adapting Lorca’s poems to the melodies of Cohen.

This evening’s unique presentation will be performed by The Metamorphics –  Tito Rios on guitar, Brian Nelson on percussion, Juan Anecito on bass violin and bass guitar, Fernando Barros composer and singer, with Melissa Moore, narration. Donations will be appreciated at the door. 

Born near Granada in Fuente Vaqueros, Spain, to a prosperous farm owner and a pianist, prominent 20th-century Spanish poet and dramatist Federico García Lorca studied law at at the University of Granada before relocating to Madrid in 1919 to focus on his writing. In Madrid he joined a group of avant-garde artists that included Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel. The group, collectively known as the “Generation of ’27,” introduced Lorca to Surrealism, a movement that would greatly influence his writing.
Lorca published numerous volumes of poetry during his career, beginning with Impresiones y paisajes (1918). His lyrical work often incorporates elements of Spanish folklore, Andalusian flamenco and Gypsy culture, and cante jondos, or deep songs, while exploring themes of romantic love and tragedy.
With the publication of his poetry collection Romancero Gitano, or Gypsy Ballads (1928), Lorca received significant critical and popular attention, and the following year traveled to New York City, where he found a connection between Spanish deep songs and the African American spirituals he heard in Harlem. When he returned to Spain he co-founded La Barraca, a traveling theater company that performed both Spanish classics and Lorca’s original plays, including the well-known Blood Wedding (1933), in small town squares. Despite the threat of a growing fascist movement in his country, Lorca refused to hide his leftist political views, or his homosexuality, while continuing his ascent as a writer.
In August 1936, at the onset of the Spanish Civil War, Lorca was arrested at his country home in Granada by Francisco Franco’s soldiers. He was executed by a firing squad a few days later.

Fernando Barros Lirola

Fernando Barros Lirola was born in Spain in 1952 and has performed in concerts and at Andalusian flamenco festivals around the world since 1980. He is a singer, composer, writer and historian who specializes in the unique cadences and rhythms that are the foundation of flamenco music. He has gained international recognition as an innovator whose voice and compositions reveal the “melody” inherent in Spanish literature and poetry. On the vanguard of integrating the traditions of flamenco with new approaches to teaching, Fernando is the author of “Flamenco en las Aulas.” He has contributed to dozens of periodicals, social media and websites. Fernando is a cultural ambassador from Andalusia, now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an invited member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO, he actively promotes the preservation of dance around the world. In exemplifying the rhythms and music that give life to culture, he performs, leads workshops, participates on panel discussions, and offers master classes nationally and internationally.



                   «POETRY AS MUSIC»

San Miguel Chapel    401 Old Santa Fe Trail

8 pm   Friday, August 16

$ 15.00 tickets at the door or at or at

For more in formation about this concert, phone 505.603.0743  

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Fernando Barros (composer and vocalist) presents “The METAMORPHICS” with Tito Rios, Brian Nelson, Juan Aniceto and Melissa Moore. This concert links Leonard Cohen’s melodies to the texts or poems written by Spanish authors of the past, such as Miguel de Cervantes and Federico García Lorca.

Instructors: Melissa Moore & Fernando Barros

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