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For Immediate Release Contact: Melissa Moore, Manager: 505.603.0743                                                                                                David Griffin, Communications Director: 505.410.2693

Fernando Barros Lirola, World Renowned flamenco singer                                    . Andalusia Flamenco Cultural Ambassador and Master Teacher relocates to Santa Fe Ligrounder to present «Salon Sundays» The Tertulia Flamenca Series at Collected Works

Santa Fe, NM – Fernando Barros Lirola grew up in Granada, Andalusia, Spain, Where as a young boy, I Learned to sing in the caves of Granada Flamenco With the extraordinary voices of the Gypsies.

Born in Granada Spain in 1952, Fernando Studied at the University of Granada. Since 1980 I have Performed in Andalusian Flamenco concerts and at festivals around the world. Fernando is a singer (singer), composer, writer and innovator of Flamenco music, with emphasis on bringing voice to the poets and writers of Spain.

«Relocating to Santa Fe has-been wonderful. So much happens here, and We Have Such a great response to our music. I am Excited about traveling the country teaching and performing, «Lirola Said.

Currently I have is at the cultural ambassador for Andalusia, Spain With Disseminating charged INFORMATION ABOUT Flemish and Andalusia. I Brings His knowledge and understanding of flamenco, and his unique voice to innovative expressions Flemish literary performances and lectures in Santa Fe, the United States and around the world. Fernando is the author of two books including «Flamenco in the Classroom», and is now finishing a second book. Also I will open the ‘International Center of Flamenco’ in Santa Fe next year.

I is at the leading edge of Integrating the tradition of Flamenco With His unique understanding of Its cadences and rhythms, as well as the «melody» inherent in the poetry of His countrymen. His innovations include use of the voice as an instrument of positive expression, combining traditional melodies With harmonies unique to the flavors and textures of the verses, and in Engaging the audience in the meaning of expressive emotions.

The Tertulia Flamenca Series at Collected Works is a project of Flemish culture performance and lecture inspired by Granada, Andalusia, created and presented by Mr. Lirola.

This innovative musical interpretation will include live and video settings for the poetry and prose of four exemplary writers in Spanish history: Miguel De Cervantes , Antonio Machado , Federico Garcia Lorca , and Juan Ramon Jimenez.

These Flemish literary gatherings and performance are natural collaboration with Two Important literary locations in Santa Fe, Collected Works Bookstore and Alla . «Salon Sundays» are open to the public. Attendees are invited to Attend one or more evenings, as each performance will feature a different author at its root. THEREFORE, musical performance and lecture elements will Differ Also each Sunday night.


Information Calendar

What : Salon Sundays, The Tertulia Flamenca Series at Collected Works

When:                               Sunday, August 9, 16, 23, 30

Hours:                               6 pm-7:30pm

Where:                Collected Works Bookstore, 202 Galisteo St., Santa Fe, NM

Who:                               The Tertulia Flamenca at Collected Works Series featuring Fernando Barros Lirola and famed guitarist, Carlos Lomas

Cost:                                    $ 7.50 at the door or $ 20.00 to purchase admittance to the Entire series

Contact:                     Melissa Moore, Manager, 505.603.0743                                                                                                                  David Griffin, Communications Director 505 410 269

Asher Barrett



Metamorphic Transformation

Observing metamorphic transformations in nature allows us to extrapolate that method to humans and the arts. That is to say, the foundational substance becomes a supporting substance retained in the new identity. These essential elements are absorbed, now invisible to the observer, while the transformed form creates a stunning awareness of the new.

Likewise, our compositions make use of a similar pattern of creative mutation, if you will. We begin with folk songs that poet Federico Garcia Lorca chose, rescued from oblivion, transcribed for the piano and performed in various venues. Following a trajectory of revealing hidden elements, we submit them to an unexpected metamorphic process. The melodic essences of the old songs are those that give musical meaning to different poems that Lorca wrote.

Additionally, in his short life, he created diverse artistic works, including poetry, music, and literature. He also created formidable works for the theater, while also embracing other mediums such as painting. His contemporaries and artistic collaborators included Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.

«Lorca in the Keys of Hands and Voice,” a concert conceived and presented by Adam Kent and Fernando Barros, is a musical innovation inspired by Lorca’s example. Lorca collected melodies from the Spanish folklore repertoire and transcribed them for the piano using two different concepts: 1) adapting the old melodies to various of his poem, as for example, ANDA JALEO to the poem «Preciosa y el Aire”; and 2) singing the old songs using the expressive, emotive characteristics inherent in flamenco music.

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